We shouldn’t have to choose between Convenience or Community

It’s written in a bold font at the bottom of New York State Department of Motor Vehicles correspondence. It says “Skip The Trip To The DMV,” with a web address to renew your license or registration online.

Convenience or Community?

Convenience or Community? We shouldn't have to make that choice, but right now, we do. http://www.steveforclerk.com/wordpress/conveniencevscommunity/

Posted by Steve Cichon for Erie County Clerk on Friday, August 11, 2017

While on the surface, it sounds like our friendly state government offering a more convenient way to access its services, it’s also an Albany cash grab. Your hard earned money gets dumped into the black hole that is the state budget.

When you renew your license at an Erie County Auto Bureau location, the fees are reinvested in Erie County, allowing the clerk’s office to provide road maintenance and plowing, and funding for public transportation and specialized services for the handicapped and elderly.

It’s only right that the DMV fees paid by residents of Erie County stay in Erie County to help us here at home. The drivers of Erie County shouldn’t have to choose between convenience and taking care of our own relatives and neighbors and our own roads.

I have written a letter to Executive Deputy DMV Commissioner Theresa L. Egan demanding a solution to the problem for the people of Erie County.

And I promise, should you honor me with election to the clerk’s office, come January 1st, this becomes more than a letter—it becomes a blue print for action. If Albany won’t share the proceeds from online renewals, we’ll figure out a way to do it ourselves. They won’t like it, but they can go ahead and sue me. We have common sense and doing what’s right on our side.